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Located in the town of Vineland, Ontario, we are a small, friendly,  inter-generational church in the Anabaptist tradition that worships God and together seeks to follow Jesus’ example.   We have a long history—we were the first Mennonite church in Canada.  On this site you can learn about the people and the work of our church, find directions to our facility, and learn about our history.  You are welcome to join us!

We have a special schedule for worship this summer!  Please see the post below for details.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Summer Worship Schedule

This summer we are trying something new at The First Mennonite Church. Three of our services will be held at the church, and the remaining Sundays will be focused on worshiping together in outdoor spaces provided by hosts from within our congregation. If it rains, hosts will provide a sheltered space in which we can meet.

All services will start at 11:00.  Please bring:

  • lawn chairs or blankets to sit on
  • food and dishes for a shared noon meal (cooler, corkscrew, and bottle opener supplied by the host)

Visitors are welcome as always!  If you are interested in joining us and need more information about where to meet please contact the church.

Dates and locations are as follows:

Date Location
June 30th First Mennonite Church
July 7th Kaethe and Randy’s Home
July 14th Mary Anne and Tom’s Home
July 21st First Mennonite Church
July 28th Helen and James’ Home
August 4th Jeanette and Tony’s Home
August 11th First Mennonite Church
August 18th First Mennonite Church (Outside)
August 25th Jane and Harold’s Home

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Theatre of the Beat in Vineland!

Saturday, May 11, 7:30pm – mark your calendars! The Theatre of the Beat, a theatre company from Kitchener Waterloo, is coming to First Mennonite, to perform their production entitled, “Yellowbellies”. It is a drama that details the struggles of conscientious objectors during WWII. This is a relevant topic for us as Historic Peace churches and we, together with Grace Mennonite and Vineland UM, are hosting the evening. Tickets are $15. Please contact us at if you are interested.


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A great chance to worship outside

Please note that our church service for January 20 is cancelled due to the snowstorm.  Hopefully we can find our own ways to worship, and maybe even make the best of the weather!


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Merry Christmas from The First Mennonite Church!

We recently held our annual Christmas dinner and once again the entertainment program was thoughtful and fun.  Thanks to the wonder of the internet you can share in the event with a video clip of some Christmas Karaoke:

Merry Christmas!

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An Exciting Anniversary!

We recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the arrival of our newcomer family from the Democratic Republic of Congo!  They made it through so many challenges before coming to Canada and their strength and adaptability are serving them very well here so far.  We shared some cake after church to mark the occasion.  You can see a photo as follows:

Cake to commemorate the one year anniversary of the arrival of our newcomer family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cake to commemorate the one year anniversary of the arrival of our newcomer family from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Contemplation at The First

We recently had a service focused on music, art, and contemplative readings.  The theme was “Sitting with the Mystics”.  As part of the theme a beautiful interpretation of Andrei Rublev’s icon “The Trinity” was hung at the front of the sanctuary.  The painting is from the 15th century and is also called “The Hospitality of Abraham”. You can see the painting as follows:


There is a beckoning of the Spirit to the table to be one with God, and a sense of unity and respect among the three figures.  Colour plays a strong role with gold (left) indicating God the Absolute, blue (center) representing the Christ, and green (right) representing the Holy Spirit.

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Wisdom, Weakness, and Foolishness

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Lord of The Rings, there is a moment where the wisest and most powerful leaders argue amongst one another about what to do with the One Ring, the one object that could destroy the entire world.  As they argue, a hobbit (generally considered to be a people who are tiny, powerless, foolish, and insignificant) named Frodo steps forward willing to put his own life at risk to solve this dilemma.

This Sunday, at The First Mennonite Church, we’re taking a look at the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the churches in Corinth, and how he describes the wisdom of God as something that uses the weak and the foolish in order to shame the strong and the wise.  Join us Sunday to find out more!

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