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Walking with Paul

You probably know someone that you don’t like very much.  But you have to be around them.  Maybe it’s a co-worker or someone in your family.  You tolerate them, you grit your teeth, you try to be nice.Being with them is an exercise in patience.

But then one day something happens. You see another side of them.  You see them being kind to someone in a way you never thought they could.  Maybe they reach out and help you when you are down.  Or maybe in conversation they reveal something about their past that sheds a whole new light on them for you.

I feel that’s what’s happening with me and the apostle Paul.  Paul has been the writer of the New Testament that I’ve least liked to spend time with.  I get frustrated with his arrogance, his big statements, his controversial writing about different topics that are dear to me.

But Paul is part of the New Testament family, and these past months while we’ve been studying the book of Ephesians. I’ve started to see a different side of Paul.  The Paul who got knocked down by a blinding flash of light; a Paul who, because he was so wrong himself, is super eager to tell other people how they need to change. 

Reading the Bible, and studying, and praying about this has changed my point of view!  I encourage you to read through Ephesians before our service on Sunday, and get a feel for the letter he is writing.  Maybe you want to come to church a few minutes early; there are booklets on your chairs with the whole letter in it.

This week`s prayer:  God of grace, thank you for giving us Paul and his letters, help us to take to heart the counsel that he gives us. 

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Reading together

This past week Jason and Murray and Alan and I got together and read pieces of the letter to the Ephesians.  We are starting a sermon series on this letter, and each of us will be preaching.  Reading together, praying for insight, and listening to each other’s thoughts are important ways that we absorb the gifts that this letter can bring into our lives.

Next week we will be starting a “Soup and Study” series on Thursday nights, from 6 to 7:30, where we will look at a chapter a week.

Why Ephesians?  In the past couple of years, when I have had to do devotionals, or speaking engagements, over and over it’s this letter that jumps out at me, with strong words of wisdom.  I wanted to delve deeper and learn more about what this letter has to offer. Studying it together as a community  will, I think, be a rich experience.

As preparation for our service on Sunday, spend a few minutes reading through this short letter.  What jumps out at you?  What don’t you understand?  What fills you with hope?

This week’s prayer:  Bless us as we study together; draw us closer to you, and closer together as a community.

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