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Persons of Interest


Today the Jr Youth Sunday School Class delivered the message in our service.  They worked hard on this for many weeks and the feedback on their efforts has been very positive.  They each shared a character or story from the Bible that grabbed their interest, and spoke about something they liked, or that made them wonder.  Their topics were as follows:

  • The Sneaky Snake (Genesis: 3)
    • On one hand it seems good that people gained awareness and knowledge, but we also see that this was the result of being tricked.  Also interesting to note the connection between this story and the Apple Computers logo.
  • The Creation Story (Genesis: 1/2)
    • What would the world be like today if Adam and Eve had not been tricked into eating the apple?
  • The Thief on the Cross (Luke: 23)
    • This person is interesting because we don’t know very much about him.  The story is powerful because it shows a path to forgiveness.
  • Jacob and Esau and the Blessing (Genesis: 27)
    • This story is interesting because of the way Jacob tricks his father.  It is not fair for the oldest sibling to get the whole inheritance of a family.  I would not like it if my older sister got everything.
  • Jonah and the Whale (Jonah: 1)
    • I was interested in this story because it seems outrageous.  It is hard to believe that a whale could hold a person in its mouth for 3 days.  Jonah ran from God at first but later trusted God.
  • David and Goliath (1 Samuel: 17) and Noah and the Ark (Genesis: 6)
    • These stories share a common theme of faith and confidence in God.  In both stories a person does something that others around him would not think possible.

All the children in our church are such a blessing.  Our younger kids are also getting involved as they collect coin offerings to raise money to buy goats for families in need.  Thank you kids!

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Top Ten Reasons Why I Can’t be a Minister

This next week I will be at Canadian Mennonite University, spending a week with the students there.  I was invited by the university for the purpose of encouraging young adults to think about pastoral ministry as a career option.   As I was preparing for this, I wondered how we at First Mennonite are encouraging our young adults…do we see gifts in them that might lead them to pastoral ministry? Have we ever told them about that?  If you have kids, would you encourage one of your children to be a minister?  Why or why not?

There was a long time where pastoral ministry didn’t seem to be an option for me.  I could easily have written a “Top Ten Reasons Why I Can’t be a Minister” list.   Thinking back, I wrote that out this week, and I’m going to share it with some students next week.  God found a way to meet each of my objections!

  1. I am not as spiritual as a minister should be.
  2. No one has ever told me I should be a minister.
  3. It would be too hard to go to seminary (such as AMBS in Elkhart, Indiana)
  4. I am not as wise or smart as a minster should be.
  5. There is too much politics in the church, not a good career choice.
  6. I am scared of public speaking.
  7. I wouldn’t know what to preach about.
  8. I have already trained for a different career.
  9. I won’t have as much fun in life if I am trying to be holy all the time.
  10. My friends will treat me differently if they know I am a minister.

Please pray this week that God will lead young people into ministry, and that the church will find spaces to nurture their gifts, and accept their leadership.

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