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Sensing God Through Our Sight

This Sunday, we’re kicking off a new series at The First Mennonite Church called Sensing God Through Our Worship.  The series was created by Arlyn Friesen Epp of Mennonite Church Manitoba and explores how we might experience God through all 5 of our senses.

This Sunday, we’ll be looking at Sight!

For me personally, there are two sights that often come to mind for me when I think of God.  The first is Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son.


Of course, I’ve been personally impacted by much of Henri Nouwen’s writings on this painting, and this image often reminds me of things such as God’s grace, mercy, love, acceptance, belonging, and redemption.  The Son finds true healing, true self-worth, and true self-value in the intimate embrace of the Father.

When I think of seeing God in nature, my mind immediately jumps to a very special place for my wife and I, Vespers Point at Camp Hermosa in Goderich, ON.

the point_Fotor

Not only do you get incredible sunsets and a view of Lake Huron that constantly reminds you of the amazing things that God has made; but this is where people have been taking time to worship God every summer evening for over 80 years.  Marriages have been proposed here.  People have shared vulnerable, gut-wrenching stories of loss here.  People have made their first decision to believe in God and follow Christ here.  Families have been meeting here for several generations.  This sight reminds me of a very sacred place on God’s good earth.

What sorts of sights connect you to God?  Or make you feel like you are experiencing something of the divine?

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Are you Canadian?

Have you ever been asked what nationality you are?  I think the first time I was asked that question was when I was twenty-three years old, and I was backpacking in Europe.  I was surprised at my own reaction to my answer.  When I said, “I’m from Canada”, I had this flutter in my heart.  Canada was home, and I was a long way from home.  Identity is sometimes forged most clearly when you are in a place that is not home.

This week we are going to be talking about identity, and being far from home.  Jesus and his disciples travel to Caesarea Philippi, to a very foreign place.  It’s there that Jesus asks them a question about identity, “Who do you say that I am?”

“Who do you say that I am?”  That’s a question that still rockets straight to our heart.  Who is Jesus?  And that sets off another question, as to our own identity.  Are we followers of Jesus?  Are we people who have taken Jesus into our heart?  We might not think about these questions as often as we should.  Sometimes it’s when we are plunged into difficult times, times where we feel we are strangers in a strange land, that suddenly our identity as Christians comes front and centre.  Who am I?  “I am a Christian.”

This week’s prayer:  Christ, our centre, be our sure identity in all the foreign places we travel this week. 

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