The Crucifixion as The Big Reveal

For Mark, there is something central, historic, and cosmic about Jesus’ crucifixion.

We have spent this season of Lent going over Mark’s account of the passion and resurrection of Jesus, and contemplating how might Mark’s first century audience hear and remember this story in the context of the First Jewish-Roman War. Now, we approach the end of the story. And throughout his Gospel, Mark has alluded that there is some kind of secret about the identity of Jesus that we, as the audience, slowly discover throughout the story.

Jesus is the Messiah. He is the Anointed One that all of the prophets and all of the story in the Hebrew Bible said would one day come and save all of Israel.

God describes Jesus as his Son at his baptism. A number of demons throughout the story call Jesus the Messiah. And eventually Peter confesses and understands that Jesus is the Messiah. But the entire story is a process of describing and discovering what it means that Jesus is the Messiah. How is Jesus the Messiah?

In Mark’s account of Jesus’ crucifixion, we see the confirmation of everything that Jesus said he would be as the Messiah of Peace.  Join us on Sunday to find out more!

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