Identity on Trial: How This Changes Everything

This upcoming Sunday, in our series The Messiah of Peace, we look at Mark’s account of Jesus’ trial before the chief priests, the elders, and the scribes.  Up until now, Jesus has kept his identity secret and advised many of his followers not to tell people who he is.  But here, his identity is precisely what is on trial.

What do we have to say about Jesus’ identity?  Who do we think that he is?  Jesus is arguably one of the most well-known personalities across the world; but what do each and everyone of us say about him?

Do we stand with the religious authorities of his time and say that he is a blasphemer?  Just a man who dares to challenge our religious traditions, and laws and claims to have a unique relationship with God?  Or do we say that he truly is the Messiah of Peace?

Because if that is true, can you imagine how much that would change everything about our lives?

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