A Mennonite drama series on CBC?

Yes, believe it or not, CBC has actually produced a newly released television series about Ontario Mennonites called Pure.  In this drama series, a newly elected Mennonite pastor desperately tries to protect his family and his community from…wait for it…a Mennonite mob connection that deals in cocaine from within his own church.  Who would have thought Mennonite culture could be so intriguing?

It sounds a lot more risqué than my daily life here at The First Mennonite Church, but I think this show is actually very well written and produced, and it raises a couple of great topics for discussion.  What does it mean to be a culture that is separate and different from the world but still in and amongst it?  How do we authentically live out principles that look very different from those of people around us?  Could we still give up our lives for our principles?  And even though we may be a church, are we truly exempt from sin?  Or can sin still find a way to somehow insidiously work within a community?

It’s also good and fun to remember that it was only about 60 or 70 years ago that we at The First Mennonite Church were still dressing fairly similarly to these Mennonites and still spoke German in our church services.  This is what we used to look like and what many Mennonites still look like today.

Check out the trailer below.  Pure airs on Monday nights on CBC at 9pm.  Oh and by the way, the pastor’s name is Noah Funk.

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