Lucie is Light

This past Sunday at The First Mennonite Church, we spent some time reflecting on how the light of Christ shines through our children, friends, family,brothers, and sisters who live with various disabilities.  As a way to help us contemplate this deep spiritual truth, we watched the video for the song “Light” by the group, Gungor, in which Michael and Lisa Gungor sing and share about the gift of their daughter, Lucie.  I highly recommend picking up the song on iTunes or whichever music purchasing system you use. A simple search should bring it up for you.

Here is a blog post that Lisa Gungor wrote in relation to the song, “Light.”  In this post, Lisa shares about the fears, challenges, and absolute joys that she and her husband have experienced through Lucie, and I think you will really appreciate reading this honest and moving sharing of her experience through God bringing Lucie into our world and to her family.  Please enjoy!

Here also is the video that we watched on Sunday.

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