We Have An Opportunity

Well, our neighbours to the south certainly had an historic election last night; and I imagine that for many of you, this election taps into many of the feelings that we talked about in our recent sermon series, Game of Thrones.

If you are someone who hoped America might elect Trump last night; then perhaps this morning, you are feeling a sense of joy or even a sense of hope in the future of that country.

If you are someone who hoped that America might elect anyone BUT Trump to the presidency, then you may have awakened this morning feeling a sense of loss; perhaps even a sense of defeat and depression.

It is truly remarkable that Mr. Trump became elected considering many of the sayings and thoughts that accompanied his campaign.

If you are someone who is feeling frightened and confused about what a Trump presidency might mean for our world, let me draw us back to what we spoke about during our series, Game of Thrones.

This is an opportunity.

If you are afraid that bigotry, prejudice, and hate are going to be elements of the future in America, then this is an opportunity for the church to bring light.

This is an opportunity for us to show something different.

This is an opportunity for us to refuse to judge people based on their religion, culture, or colour of their skin.

This is an opportunity for us to provide community, embrace, support, and love to those who might become marginalized, persecuted, or threatened.

This is an opportunity for us to cross imaginary borders and walls.

You may hear voices that say we need to up the ante on impoliteness, violence, and aggression in order to respond. We have to resist the temptation of those voices.

Anger always feels righteous right away, and it can give us an adrenaline shot of control. Anger always feels like it rules the world, but it is not who we must become.

We can’t respond with anger, but we can respond with sympathy, compassion, and hope. These are not weak forces, but powerful forces that have and will continue to alter the course of history.

This is an opportunity for us to respond to evil with good. This is an opportunity for us to show love just as Jesus showed us.

Let’s remember that the Kingdom of God has never depended on who is in office. Let’s remember that Jesus taught his way in an era where empire, violence, and brutality were widespread.

This is an opportunity for us to stand with people and transform hearts that may have become hardened by division and suffering.

We’ve been serving this way for over 2000 years, and we will not let love stop anytime soon.

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