Song to My Other Self

In Chapter 2 of Chuck DeGroat’s book Wholeheartedness, he says that with “a poet’s voice, Elsie Landstrom hints at the wholeness and holiness that arises when we welcome every divided, messy, imperfect, ugly, and critical part of ourselves into the embrace of grace.”  Here is the very poem for you to check out:

Over the years I have caught glimpses of you

in the mirror, wicked:

in a sudden stridency in my own voice, have

heard you mock me;

in the tightening of my muscles felt the pull

of your anger and the whine

of your greed twist my countenance; felt your

indifference blank my face when pity was called for.

You are there, lurking under every kind act I do,

ready to defeat me.

Lately, rather than drop the lid of my shock

over your intrusion,

I have looked for you with new eyes

opened to your tricks, but more,

opened to your rootedness in life.

Come, I open my arms to you also, once-dread stranger.

Come, as a friend I would welcome you to stretch your apartments

within me from the cramped to comforting side.

Thus I would disarm you. For I have recently learned,

learned looking straight into your eyes:

The holiness of God is everywhere.

– Elsie Landstrom, “Song to My Other Self”

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