Yusra Mardini and the Refugee Olympic Team

Did you know that this year in Rio de Janeiro, the very first Refugee Olympics team is competing?

On June 3rd of this year, the International Olympic Committee announced a team of ten athletes who were selected from displaced refugees to compete in events such as judo, swimming, and general athletics.  Each of them are listed by their country of origin and their host country, where they now reside as a refugee.

For example, Yusra Mardini is a Syrian refugee who fled to Germany, and is now competing in Womens 100m Freestyle at the 2016 Olympics.  Apparently when Yusra and several other people arranged to be smuggled from Turkey into Greece, their boat broke down almost 3 hours away from Lesbos; a nightmare situation for many refugees where capsizing and drowning has taken place.  Yusra, her sister, and a couple of other people, got out of their boat and pushed the vessel the remaining distance to Lesbos.

Check out her inspiring story!

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