6:30pm Musical Service this Sunday

If you’re planning on coming out to The First Mennonite Church this Sunday, please know that we will be meeting at 6:30pm!  And not our usual time of 10:30am.

This Sunday, we will explore Sensing God through our Hearing.

There are multiple ways that sound can influence us spiritually.  Some of us can feel like we’re having an encounter with the divine when we hear a particularly beautiful song or the sound of a particular instrument.  There is something powerful and incredible when you hear a multitude of people just belting out their voices in unison for a particular song.

Some of us feel we are encountering the divine when we hear the sounds of the world around us such as water lapping on a seaside; water running through a river; or the song of birds.  For some of us, it’s the sound of humanity hustling and bustling through a city.  For still others, it’s the absence of sound altogether that can make them feel as if they are experiencing God.

I’d like to share two things with you that have made me feel like I am experiencing something powerful and worshipful.  The first might seem kindof silly at first; but stay with me on this.

When my wife Michele and I spent time in South Korea, the first thing we learned was just how much people like to sing!  Not only were karaoke bars one of the most popular destinations across all of Korea, but you could even step into coin-operated karaoke booths by the side of the road and sing by yourself or with your friends.

Listen to what it sounds like when over 80,000 South Koreans sing along with one of their favourite artists Psy.  It’s an incredibly powerful and overwhelming noise to hear so much humanity singing together!

Now that I got the silly out of the way.  This next song is a simple expression of one of my favourite verses in the Bible: 1 John 4:18 which says that there “is no fear in love.”  Here, Steffany Grettzinger delivers a soulful and beautiful take on a simple yet profound cry that she makes to God.  Check it out!

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