World Refugee Day

This past Monday on June 20th, organizations such as the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and Canadian Foodgrains Bank celebrated World Refugee Day.

This Sunday, as we gather as a church to enjoy a meal together in community amongst the beauty of Ball’s Falls Conservation Area, we too are going to take some time to pause, reflect, and remember just what is happening around the world right now in terms of record numbers around displaced and fleeing people across the world.

It’s been truly humbling for many of us to be a part of the Dardar family’s journey from Syria to Canada through our sponsorship, and there could certainly be further opportunities for us as a church to sponsor new families.

But in the meantime, to get a picture of just what happened around the world in terms of refugees in the year 2015, check out this video put together by the UNHCR itself.


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