Mental Illness and Addictions

Just in case you missed it last month in January, Conrad Grebel College hosted an event called Mental Illness and Addictions: Another Necessary Conversation.  The statistics and numbers on mental health in North America are rising; and more and more, we are finding that mental health conversations are taking centre stage in the lives of people who attend our churches.  Thankfully at the same time, social stigmas are declining in terms of openness amongst people to talk about mental health.

Mental health is a conversation that is happening, even if we think it isn’t; and we need to develop a voice for it in church.

As a way to equip leaders for that conversation and begin to educate individuals on what we are really looking at in our churches, this event highlighted talks from two individuals: David Gingerich, a Psychological Services Consultant with the Waterloo Region District School Board, and Brice Balmer, an MCEC minister.  Now you can see the talks for yourself!

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