Instead of luck

Many people, it seems, believe in luck.  “Good luck,” we wish each other.  “What rotten luck,” we moan,when some unfavorable circumstance strikes.

The gambling industry testifies to our culture’s chasing after luck.  Lotteries have been phenomenally successful.   Despite the rather ridiculous odds against anyone winning a lottery, millions play them, all hoping that Lady Luck will make them rich for the small price of a ticket.

The Bible, though, doesn’t know much about luck.  What we find there  is God, moving, caring, hearing, acting behind the scenes of our lives.  Instead of luck, there is “providence”– the quiet conviction that, by God, our world is moving somewhere, toward some good end.

We see this in Genesis 17, our main text for Sunday, March 8.  God comes to Abram and Sarai, reassuring them that though they are old and barren, they will yet be the father and mother of many nations.  Their “bad luck” will be overridden by the new life that God will give them, as part if God’s providential design for blessing the world.

As Christians we ought not to say “good luck.” Rather, affirming providence, it’s better  to say, “God be with you.”


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