God’s foolishness

What a foolish God we Christians believe in (1 Corinthians 1:18-25, our main text for Sunday, Mar. 1)!   A God, who, on the one hand, gives us almost impossible rules to live by, and yet, on the other hand, mediates for us, through Jesus, so that we are totally acceptable in the family of God, seemingly no matter how grievous our violations of those same rules.

How foolish, and extremely counter-cultural, we Christians must appear to others, following a man named Jesus who renounced position, wealth, and violence, even succumbing to death, when he could have established quite a successful Jewish kingdom,

And what does it mean for us in daily life to prayerfully listen for God’s guidance and wisdom? Is this not also foolishness, in our self-sufficient, work-oriented age, when we have become so educated and affluent, confident of success and controlling our lives?

Maybe the only thing that will maintain our allegiance to this “foolish” God is  by “being present” with God in silence, loving contemplation, and prayerful listening.  Responding from our hearts, not our heads, to God’s nurturing love, can bring healing and transformation. Allowing ourselves to be re-parented, through grace and truth, can help us find our “true selves,” enabling us to form authentic relationships and empowering us to live out God’s “upside down, inside out” dream for the world.

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