With a voice of singing

The Bible contains over 400 references to “singing,”  with over 60 of them coming in the Psalms.  Why sing?

Perhaps the simplest reason is because it connects us to God in a profound way, often more deeply than through spoken words.  Whether through traditional hymns, chants, gospel songs, folk songs, anthems, international music, even jazz and rock, Mennonites in particular among Christian denominations have valued singing as a means to experience God and to express faith in God.  Singing together also binds people together into community.

Just think of the importance of  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow” (“606,” now 118 in the current Mennonite Hymnal) in our Mennonite tradition.  “606” has been called the “Mennonite sacrament.”

In our worship Sunday, Feb. 22, we will do lots of singing.  We will be led by our weekend guest, Marilyn Houser Hamm of Manitoba, who has resourced the Mennonite church in music and worship for decades.

So come and “sing to the Lord a new song, sing and bless his name, sing of his salvation from day to day” (Psalm 91.1).

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