A royal waste of time

Is worship “useful?”  Does it “do anything” for us?  Is it a good use of our time?

We might ask practical-minded questions like these.  But such questions were far from the mind of the disciples when they encounter a transfigured Jesus on a mountain (Mark 9), our main text for worship on Sunday, Feb. 15.  Their questions were:  How long can we stay?  Do we have to go so soon?  Can we pitch tents and hold on to this experience and just set up camp here, maybe forever?  It seemed not to matter to them that they were “wasting time.”

What about us?  Is worship a practical exercise in getting something we need (e.g. peace of mind, an insight into life, a tip on how to be faithful)?  Those things ought to be found in worship.

Still, is it alright, maybe even necessary, just to “be” in the presence of Jesus, as with the disciples in the transfiguration story?  Even if it seems like a waste of time?



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