At the end of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy wakes up in her house in Kansas.  After her whirlwind trip to magic land of Oz, she realizes that “there is no place like home.”  She now sees more clearly that her home is a safe haven, a place of acceptance and welcome.

Many of us yearn for such a home,  and thoughts of “home” can stir deep emotions.  When we ask someone to describe the home where they grew up, they’ll likely recall such details as the house they lived in, where they slept, and what mealtime was like.  They might also talk about their relationships with their parents and siblings.  For better or worse, home, and the memories of home, become part of us and travel with us throughout our lives.

In Psalm 91, our main scripture text for Sunday, Aug. 10, the Psalmist talks about “home.”  His home, though, is not a physical place in a location laden with nostalgic memories.  Nor is his home based on kin, culture and nation.  The Psalmist’s home is in God.  And though evil has come his way, God has been a trustworthy, secure home.

What does “home” mean for us?  What part does God play in our experience of “home”?

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