March 30 sermon — How do I see?

What does it mean to “see?”  Here’s what the dictionary says:

“See,” verb.

  1. to look at, view, scan

“I see a blue sky.  I see clouds.  I don’t see any birds.  I see people rushing to work.  I see a boy kissing a girl.”

  1. to perceive, discern, understand

“I see beauty in the sky, clouds and birds.  I see that our fast-paced world is stressful.  Can’t you see that I love you?  I don’t see the answer to my problem.  Now I’ve seen the light!”

We see, and then, at a deeper level–sometimes in an “ah-ha!” moment–we SEE.

Our New Testament text for this Sunday (John 9:1-41) is a biting, witty drama in several acts.  Jesus, the disciples, the Pharisees, family and friends see a blind man.   Upon meeting Jesus, the blind man sees.  As the story unfolds, he–ah-ha!– SEES more and more.  The bystanders see what happens to the blind man. And they think they SEE who Jesus is.  But surprise!  They don’t SEE at all, and the light they think they have is really darkness.

Some Lenten questions for us:  what do we see in the world around us that brings us pain, grief, courage, hope, joy?   How do we SEE God in these things?  When have we confused light with darkness and darkness with light?  If Jesus would touch our eyes, how might we SEE differently?



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