Who calls us to worship?

One of the things that we do fairly often at our church is say the Lord’s prayer together.  It’s a good prayer that Jesus gave us.  It’s a prayer used by churches around the world since the very first churches began meeting.  So when we pray it, we are not only praying together as a congregation, we are joining together with the larger church, over space and time.

Last time we said the Lord’s prayer, I remember hearing the voice of one of our children in the church saying it along with us.  Except that the child was one beat behind the rest of the congregation.  He obviously knew each line, but it took him a moment to remember which line we were on.  I could feel that as we said this prayer, everyone was listening to his clear voice praying along with us.

For me, this was a call to worship.   I felt like this boy was calling us to worship.  It reminded me of the fact that other older people, long gone taught me this prayer.  What did I think it meant when I learned these words as a five year old?  How have these words changed and deepened in my life?

This Sunday we will be talking about being called to worship.  God calls us to worship, but we call each other to worship too.  See you  at our service!

This week’s prayer:  Jesus stand among us, in your risen power, let this time of worship, be a hallowed hour.

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