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I have friends named Menno.  I never thought of that as funny until I met someone named Luther.  They were Lutheran and they were named Luther:  Luther the Lutheran.  And then I realized that Menno the Mennonite is kind’ve funny too!

I go to the First Mennonite church, I read the publication “The Mennonite”, I cook from “The Mennonite Treasury” and “Mennonite Girls Can Cook”, I attended Canadian Mennonite Bible College.  Everywhere the word Mennonite. But who is this Menno that is so present everywhere, and why is he so present everywhere?

And why are we called Mennonites and not Simonites?

What do you know about Menno Simons?   I think we bear this name but lots of us don’t really know anything about this man.  This Sunday we’ll be looking at the life of this faithful leader, and his devotion to God and the church. What is it about his leadership that so inspired people, that they were labelled as belonging to his flock?  What was happening in the church at that time that they needed  a leader “for such a time as this?”

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