This old house

When I tore up the rug off the stairway at home to replace it in preparation for selling our house, I got a surprise.  There was a note there under the underpadding.  It read, “This carpet was put down by Carol and Katie and Alex in 1999” and each of us signed our name.    Now there’s a new carpet on the stairs.  I didn’t leave a note this time.

And then yesterday  I was cleaning the patio.  There’s a piece of cement that has our family handprints in it.  On a different part of the patio there is another handprint with the date 1908 written in the cement. 

Time goes by, we have spent time fixing up this old house, but it’s not ours to keep forever.  It was here before I was born, sheltering families, and it will be here after I am gone, sheltering people not yet born.

The church is the house of God, it’s a place where people come to meet God and meet each other.    It’s easy to think about “my church” and have a wish list of the ten most great things I’d like to see in my own personal church.

But that’s not what church is about.  This is God’s house, and we get to live in it for a short time.  What will we make of the time?

This week’s prayer:  Thank you for letting us be a part of your church in this time and this place.  Bless our discussions about the nature of First Mennonite.

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