Test day!

Do you like tests?  Not many people do.  We all have memories of some teacher who loved pop quizzes, or we can recall sweaty palms, and the feeling of drawing a blank as you look at a question you have no idea how to answer.

So when we start to talk about tests and testing when it comes to God, we can have a negative reaction.  Is God just another teacher, who wants to trip us up, to show us how much we don’t know?  Why all the emphasis on tests?

But let me ask another question.  If you hire someone to build your house, would you be happy if they had never been examined, to determine whether they actually know how to build a house?  Would you be happy if the lifeguard protecting your children in the pool had never been examined, to see if they actually do know how to save someone’s life?  Do they even know how to swim?   Or the doctor that is looking at your x-rays, are you OK if she is a self-made doctor, who never was measured up to standards that someone else sets?

I think it’s clear that we are fine with some people being tested, we just don’t  like being tested ourselves!  If the Chr!istian life was just about thinking some fine thoughts and some some pretty prayers, no testing would be needed.  But God prepares us for important work, and in order to do that important work, some tests need to come our way to see if we are ready. 

I hope you can join us in church this week, as we think about tests, and what they mean in our lives.

This week’s prayer:    Help me to see tests as something that are part of your plan, part of your desire to make me stronger.  

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