To recant or not to recant, that is the question!

 Our Sunday school class teacher posed a real puzzler of a question to us,  “If you were a Christian, and someone came with a gun, and they were killing people who were Christians, and they asked you, ‘Are you a Christian?’   What would you say?”

Our whole class fell silent.  This was a serious question to ponder and it really captured the attention of this normally rowdy group of grade six-ers.

Finally Betty-Jean raised her hand.  “I would tell them I was not a Christian, but inside, I would still be a Christian!”    I remember this so clearly because that was exactly the answer I had come up with, it’s just that Betty-Jean had the courage to say it out loud.

Then our Sunday school teacher looked very serious, and shook his head solemnly, saying that was the wrong answer, and then he quoted a verse which says that if we deny Jesus, Jesus will deny us.

Where a minute before I had been jealous of Betty-Jean for sharing my answer, now I was so relieved that I had not said anything out loud!

This week we are going to meet another early Anabaptist leader, a female leader. The issue of recanting, or denying something you believe in  was a very real question at that time.  Come to church and hear about what she decided to do.

This week’s prayer:  As we proclaim good news Lord, give us wisdom to know how and when to do it!


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