All over your face

Have you ever heard some really really good news, but for some reason decide to delay telling the people around you?   Maybe you want to wait for just the right moment, or whatever…  You walk into the room, and a person you love looks at you and says, “What?!”

And you say, “What?”  And they say, “What is it?”  And you say, “Nothing!”

And they say, “No, really, what is it, what happened?  Something is written all over your face.”  And you start to smile even though you are trying not to.  This good news is just too good to keep inside.

Has that happened to you?  People you know can just look right at you, and know that something’s up.

This week in church we are talking about good news.  We are talking about good news in your life about your relationship with God that you cannot help sharing.    We’ll also be looking at someone who met Jesus, and who went around sharing the good news he had received.  Who do you think it will be?

This week’s prayer:  God of good news, great news, wonderful marvellous news, thank you that the news you give is guaranteed for life!

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