Being and doing in church

Many of us hold to an active view of church membership.  You choose to be a member by being baptized when you reach an age where you can understand salvation.  You join the church and participate in the life of the church, attending worship, sitting on committees, helping to build community, donating to the offering, etc.  etc.  There is no end of things you can do in church.  And you think about all this; part of being a Christian is trying to make sense of God and our place in the world.

But what about being in church as opposed to doing in church?  Maybe church membership is not so much about what you accomplish or contribute or believe, but more about who you are.  You are a beloved child of God.  You are in God’s family.  When you are in a family, there isn’t anything you can do to be more of a family member.  It’s just something you are.

This week we are going to be talking about people with abilities and disabilities (that’s all of us), and how that figures into church membership.  Come prepared to not just think differently, but be differently.

 This weeks’ prayer:  Thank you God for diversity in the church among the people of God; we are not all the same, you made us that way.  We are your children. 

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