A seedy business

I’ve been trying to get rid of the dandelions in my lawn.  Emphasis on the word “trying”.   I don’t want to use herbicide, so my approach has been to try to cut the dandelions out of the lawn while they are still flowers.   It’s a good idea, but every day it seems I go outside and find a big white fluff ball, happily shedding seeds all over my lawn.  Or worse yet, an empty stalk, all the seeds successfully delivered to their future home, which will be revealed later this summer, or next spring.  Seeds scattered and sown!

“Seeds scattered and sown” was the theme of our Mennonite Church Eastern Canada gathering.  It was our 25th anniversary, and so we had a really big cake!

The gathering was a time to reflect on what God has been planting in our communities.  We talked about our church, and how surprising things have happened.   We have so many congregations in our conference that are started by new Canadians; Mennonites worship in over a dozen languages just in MCEC on any given morning.

What exciting things might God be planting in the next 25 years in our churches?  in our congregation?  God’s seeds might not look like something we are expecting.  Wild and unpredictable as dandelions, God’s crop may surprise us. 

This week’s prayer:  Open our eyes to what you are planting, God!

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