No Sunday school picnic

Tomorrow I am performing a wedding ceremony for someone in my family.   While weddings are joyful occasions,  there is always a part of me that is amazed that we embark on such risky ventures.  As someone who has been married over 25 years, part of me wants to grab these young people by the shoulders and speak very sharply to them, “Do you know how hard this will be?”  

At the same time, I know that we are equipped by God to meet challenges; a lot of marriages do survive, even through very very hard times.

This week we are going to be looking at a text where Paul speaks sharply to us.  He wants us to know that this is not going to be a Sunday school picnic.  We are heading into battle when we get baptized.  And in order to stand firm, we need to be equipped.  We need to put on the full armour of God.

Armour!  Hey, that’s not a very Mennonite image!  Hope to see you Sunday!

This week’s prayer:  We want to stand firm this week.  Show us the way, open our eyes to the ways you are equipping us for this challenge.  Amen,

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