The Good Servant

I’ve been watching a very popular TV show this past year called Downton Abbey.  It’s set in the early 1900s and it revolves around very wealthy Lord Grantham and his family who live in their lovely castle in England.  What makes the series so interesting is that it is also about the servants of Downton Abbey.  So we see what is going on with the people being served, but we also see what is going on with the people whose life is dedicated to serving.

There is, of course, the good servant and the bad servant.  The good servant, Carson, lives his whole life thinking about the needs of his master, and trying to satisfy every one of them.  Service is in his blood.  The bad servant, Thomas, is only in it for the money, and he resents the master.

I was thinking about this because in our scripture passage this week Paul calls himself a servant of the gospel.    Ironically, he was once a bad servant of the gospel…he spent his life tracking down people who believed the gospel, and tried to kill them.  After his Damascus Road experience, he becomes a good servant of the gospel, he is willing to die for the gospel.

Do we consider ourselves servants of God?  What will that mean for us?  What did it mean for Jesus, who took on the role of a servant?  These are thoughts we carry with us in to this Holy Week.

This week’s prayer:  By the end of this week we will remember that we serve a risen Saviour.  Open our eyes as we walk with this Saviour towards the cross, towards suffering and death.  Open our hearts to his willingness to serve us, even to give his life for us. 

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