Veiled hostility

Open conflict in the church is a very ugly thing.  No one wants to see followers of the Prince of Peace going at it tooth and nail.  It really leaves a negative taste in people’s mouths.

So does that mean we try to get along in God’s house?  Well, hopefully!  But it also means that sometimes we just hide or submerge our conflicts, we veil our hostility.  And that isn’t healthy either.

We have to face it, no group of people is going to be without conflict.  That’s a fact of life.  The issue we have as the church is whether we can agree and disagree in love.

This week we’re going to try to address what to do about dividing walls of hostility.  But before we do that we have to really take a deep look and ask ourselves, what are these dividing walls?

This week’s prayer:  Dear Lord, give us eyes to see the walls we make, so we  may work these walls to break!

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