Behind the scenes


Can  you guess what that is lying in the parking lot outside our front doors?  It’s our old furnace!  We have a new shiny furnace purring away as I type this.

Every week we come to church and enjoy a worship service, but this would not be possible without the faithful work of our trustees who make sure there is a building here that we can come to.  I am not sure who was on the committee that originally built this church in the 1950s, but I am sure there are seniors in our church who remember.  They chose that furnace and it has served us well all these years.

In the meantime we’ve had all sorts of different trustees coming and going, doing maintenance and repairs, or co-ordinating having them done.   Faithful behind the scenes work that we all rely on. Maybe this is a good time to thank a trustee for their work on our behalf…this year our trustees are Mike Culp, Peter Neufeld and Tim Lepp.

When was the last time you said thank you to someone for the work they do in helping to keep our church running…someone who did a children’s story, who brought flowers for the altar table, who taught a Sunday school class, who played the piano, who led music, who counted money, who welcomed a stranger,  who…  The list goes on!

This Sunday we are continuing our series on Ephesians, and this verse fits in well to what I’ve just been saying, “…Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone.  In him the whole structure is joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord….”

This week’s prayer:  Thank you God for each part of our church body, and the work that we all do to create a worshiping community. 

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