A very powerful blog post

Do you have the power to see yourself in this list?
Are you a powerlifter or a powerwalker?
Do you use power tools to fix your power take-off?
Are you part of a power couple with plenty of purchasing power?
Is part of your power structure  a power of attorney?
Are you a powerhouse with a power mower?
Are you best at power naps after a power lunch?
In a power outage, will you give up your car and rely on horsepower?
Are you a flower power fan of green power?
Or is there power steering on your powerboat?
Do you love the raw power of a hockey power line on a power play?
Have you ever wondered if power generators produced power rangers?  Or power wheels?
Do you think power-hungry powerbrokers of power politics should be power-washed?
Do you agree that it pays to increase your word power?  All power to you!

Power is a hot topic in our world, just as it was in the world when Paul wrote the letter to the Ephesians.  Are we powerful or powerless?  Who has the power?  What kind of power do we have access to?   Is there a higher power or a superpower?  Who has absolute power?  Where is God in the power picture?

Come out this Sunday for a powerful sermon.  C’mon, you can power through it!

This week’s prayer:  Show us the powerful truth of being “in Jesus.”  For thine is the power and the glory forever and ever Amen.

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