Praying on our knees

The congregation I grew up in was big in lots of ways.  A big group of people, a big building, big programs; the one thing we were not big into was using our bodies in church.  We walked sedately into church, and then we sat down.  We stood up when asked, and filed politely out at the end of the service.  There was no clapping in our church, no moving of our bodies and almost no laughing.  It was a great church, a good place to grow up, but pretty restrained.

Children did not attend communion services at that church; the children would be sent downstairs, and only the members participated.  So I never saw a communion service happen, until I was actually baptized at the age of 17.

I was expecting the little pieces of bread and the cup; that had been explained to me.  What I was not expecting was that before we had communion, we would say the Lord’s prayer together, and we would say this, on our knees.  On our knees!!!!   Even Rev. H.P.Epp and Rev. Gerhard Thiessen were kneeling.  On the ground.  Everyone, the old ladies with their hats, the rows of men and their wives, everyone, down on their knees to pray.   Me, and everyone else, with our knees on the red carpet.  It was as astonishing to me as if everyone had broken into a waltz.

And the words we said together on our knees was “The Lord’s Prayer”.  I will never forget it.  I knew that prayer, of course, but saying it all together on our knees was a different experience. 

Why would you kneel to pray?

This weeks’ prayer:  The Lord’s Prayer on our knees.

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