Many thanks!

Today I go into the hospital to donate  a kidney!  I’ve been thinking about doing this for several years, and the preparations to do this have taken around 14 months.   Most of you found out that I was intending to be a kidney donor when I preached a sermon describing how this decision connects with my christian faith:

The process of being matched with a person who needs a kidney has taken many months, particularly since I joined a “Living Donor Paired Exchange Program”  This has allowed me to participate in a chain of donations…today there are four people donating kidneys and four recipients.  So my one gift has helped to start a chain of giving.

In my sermon I talked about how I felt that giving was in our community DNA, and that we are all called to give in different ways.  I want to thank you for giving your support to me in these past months, and in my recuperation time to come.  I really appreciate being part of our community.    I know that Jesus is walking with us as we try to be giving people!

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