Lean thanksgiving

Can you remember the happiest thanksgiving you’ve ever had?  One of the happiest for me was in 1990, when we brought newborn Katie to church for the first time.  I was so happy that the birth had happened, that we had a beautiful baby daughter and that we could share her with the congregation.  Maybe you can think of a happy thanksgiving….

What about the unhappiest thanksgiving you’ve ever had?  Maybe it was a time where you’d just lost a loved one, or gotten bad news about your health.  Maybe it was time of conflict in your family, or a time of depression.  Whatever the reason, perhaps you remember how hard it felt to be thankful.

What do we do when the feeling inside doesn’t correspond with the holiday?  Stay away from church?  Do we feel that since we don’t fit, there is something wrong with us?  This Sunday we’ll be talking about thanksgiving in hard times…what kind of God do we worship?  What kind of songs do we sing?

This week’s prayer:  God of good times and lean times; show us how to be faithful.  In this time of thanksgiving, open our eyes to the good gifts you are always giving. 

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