Vocational school

What is a vocation?  Do you have one?  When I was in high school, you had the option of going to a “vocational highschool” which focused on training you for a very specific job, like being a secretary or a carpenter; or you could go to a high school that would aim you in an academic, post-secondary direction.  I guess the assumption was that academics were not aiming for a specific job or vocation.

Vocation is a word with a split personality.  On the one hand, it has been used in the educational world to speak of “hands-on” work, but on the other hand, it’s used by people when they love their work so much they see it as a calling.  “My work as a teacher is a vocation,”  someone might say.

The word “vocation” literally means “calling”, and this Sunday we are talking about whether and if we have a vocation and what that might look like.  Where does God fit into the picture?  Do some people have vocations and other people have jobs?  Do retired people have vocations?  Do people with vocations take vacations from vocation?  My hunch is that church should be the ultimate vocational school!

 This week’s prayer:  Are you calling me God?  Help me to hear, and to say, “Here am I, send me!

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