Coming down from the mountain-top

Can you think of a mountaintop experience in your relationship to God?  Maybe a time where you felt connected, and loved entirely by God.  Maybe a time where you felt that God was holding you, protecting you.  Maybe a time where you sensed the meaning of life, of your life, of the world.  It may be an instant where you glimpsed the divine, it may be a quality of life you felt for a period of time.

The Bible is  a book filled with mountaintop experiences, packed with stories of people who encountered God.  Some of them literally were on mountains when they encountered God (think of Moses or Jesus at the transfiguration).  But some mountaintop experiences are valley experiences;  Jacob meeting God as he flees from his family,  Israel encountering God in the exile.

What do you do with those moments?  Walking on from an intense encounter with God….how do you move on from that?  These experiences unfortunately don’t last on this side of Jordan, in the sense of them going on forever. They do linger, in the sense of memory.  We can reflect on them for years to come, pondering their meaning.

The Bible is also a book filled with stories of people reflecting on mountaintop experiences.  This week we’ll be reading about David’s experience with God at Mt. Mizar.  What happened on the mountain?  How can his experience help us?

This week’s prayer.   God of mountains, we long to meet you and encounter your holiness.  Open our eyes to mountains, and give us strength to climb them. 

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