Finding a groove

I’m back!  After a month’s sabbatical, which included a three week trip to Israel, I have returned to the church, taking up the responsibilities and tasks which are part of my job.  There’s a feeling of relief…after so many new things, and so much upheaval, to return to home, to familiar patterns, to the tasks of daily living at home and church.

You might refer to it as finding a groove, the well-worn pattern of daily life.  The thing is, there are lots of grooves, and choosing the right one can be tricky.

Life is busy!  For me, it’s easy to get swept up in the cycle of emails and responses, the meeting of people and the arranging of meetings, the preaching of sermons and the preparing for sermons.  It’s all God’s work, right?  But where is the time to stop and just be with God in this round of busy-ness?  What kind of groove do I want to be in?

Finding a quiet moment just to be with God is essential, but easily missed.  To not be doing for God or others, but just to be present.  For me, today, it has meant giving God some first minutes of the day.  I clicked on this link  Twelve minutes to sit quietly with my eyes closed; a sip of scripture, some meditative music to sink into my soul, a connection to the God who has given me today.

It’s a small thing, but something that seems like living water, living water in a dry land.   What kind of groove are you in?

This week’s prayer:  My soul longs for you, I will find my rest in you.  Give me wisdom to find a groove that not only works for me, but allows me to be close to you.  

See the ruts from the chariot wheels  in this old Roman road?  Which groove would you choose?  I took this picture in the old town of Sepphoris, which is a 90 minute walk from Galilee.  Jesus may have worked with his father Joseph in this town…maybe he walked on this road!

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