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What is your most memorable breakfast?

I am not a breakfast person, but even I have a memorable breakfast story.  I remember cooking bacon in Waterton National Park at a remote camping site; Eugene had gone off for a hike.  Suddenly I heard a bear growling right behind me, and I whirled around with my knife in my hand!

To find…Eugene falling on the ground laughing.  A very memorable breakfast.  That was on our honeymoon…good thing I wasn’t faster with that knife!

This Sunday we are going to be exploring the story of a famous breakfast.  It’s the story of Jesus making a barbeque breakfast on the beach for the disciples.  It’s the first breakfast he shares with them after the resurrection…as far as we know it’s the only breakfast he shares with them after the resurrection.  In fact, it’s the only breakfast with Jesus that I can think of being described in scripture!  (let me know if you can think of one!)

Why would Jesus be rustling up breakfast?  What was this meeting on the beach all about?  One thing we know for sure, it’s a breakfast the disciples never forgot.

Years ago I gave out a little book of table graces, and this week’s prayer is the shortest one from that collection (I always think of Robert Friesen when I say it, he told me it was his  favourite prayer):

For bacon, eggs, and buttered toast, 
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


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