Picturing the road to Emmaus

It`s not very long until myself and Kailey and Michaela will be visiting the land where Jesus walked, (we head out on May 7th). Part of the interest will be seeing the places where Jesus walked.  Scholars are divided about where exactly Emmaus was, even though the text tells us how far it was away from Jerusalem.

One of the possibilities is a little town called Imwas.  The little town was totally destroyed in the Six-day War in 1967, when Jewish forces advanced with tanks and weapons.  The unarmed Palestinian villagers fled; they didn’t know that the army had orders to totally obliterate their village.  Those who were left behind, who could not run, were buried alive by the bulldozers.  Even after the war the townspeople  were never allowed to return to rebuild.  In fact, Canadian citizens gave $15 million dollars to the Israeli government to establish a park there, which is called Canada Park.    Just this little story tells a lot about the history and the modern-day reality that we will be meeting.

Picturing the road to Emmaus is hard to do physically, since we don’t know exactly where the road was.  But what did the disciples look like as they walked along?  For some reason this story has captured the imagination of artists through the ages, and this is one of the most popularly depicted scenes from the New Testament.  This Sunday we’ll be seeing some of those pictures.  How do we relate to those first two disciples?  This Sunday is baptism, and I’ll be connecting these disciples with the two disciples we are baptizing!  Hope to see you there!

This week’s prayer:  Jesus stand among us, in your risen power, let this time of worship, be a hallowed hour.

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