Palm Sunday Haiku offerings

These were written by various people in our church this week, from young to old:

Shouting “Hosannah!”
Crowds triumphantly declare.
Yet crowds are fickle.

Ah, cheer and praises
Too soon turn to taunts and jeers.
The sun disappears.

Are you in the crowd?
Beaming joyfully? Hearken!
Mary knows what comes.

The crowd laid branches
for Jesus on his donkey,
straining under his weight.

Is Jesus for real?
Are  you and I not sure?
He is the real deal.

He healed the sick
Yet, you and I don’t believe.
Still, Jesus loves us.

We echo these words:
“All glory laud and honour.”
But do we hear them?

Triumphal entry
Jerusalem or Vineland
You are welcome here

The powers slink  back
As the people hallelu
with Jesus as King

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