A time for silence

This Sunday evening we are gathering at church to hear the testimonies of our baptismal candidates, as well as sharing our testimonies with them.  I remember when I was 17, I had to share a testimony before I got baptized, but it was with a group of deacons.  Maybe you had to share a testimony when you were a young adult, you know that it’s a nerve-wracking experience.  Speaking in public is never easy, and speaking in public about something as deep as faith is even harder.

Our tradition encourages sharing testimonies before we are baptized because there is a time for words.  A time to sit down and struggle to put words to something personal and meaningful. How well will your words express what you need them to express?  It depends, but often we find that words are inadequate.  They capture something of what we want to say, but not all of it.

This Sunday I will be finishing our series on “God and the Spiritual Life”, and I’ll be talking about the fact that there is also a time for silence.  A time where words fail us, a time where we need to give up the word thing and just be with God.  When is it a time for words, and when is it a time for silence?    That’s the tricky part!

Today’s prayer:  Help Claire and Jesslyn as they work to find words that express their faith in you.  Help  us to have courage to articulate our own faith when we  are given the chance.  Give us wisdom to know when we are called to speak, and when we are called to be silent.

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