Just breathe

Have you ever been with someone who is so upset, crying so hard, that they can’t catch their breath?  Part of calming them down involves encouraging them, saying “Breathe!”  As they manage to breathe more slowly, their mind slowly calms down.

Our minds and our bodies are connected, and the breath is a signal flag that shows the state of the union.  Are we tense, excited, afraid, peaceful?  The breath is a sign that shows something is happening.

This Sunday I want to talk about the connection between breath and the spiritual life.  What does spirit mean anyway?  Are you having a hard time getting your head around the spiritual life?  Come to church on Sunday and find out how maybe your head isn’t the place to start!

 This week’s prayer:  Holy Spirit, spirit of God breathing in us, we turn our attention to you.  You give us life

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