The bliss of being

Have you ever felt a moment where everything feels connected, everything feels right?  When I was 19, I worked as a counsellor at Camp Moose Lake, in the Turtle Mountains in Manitoba.  A beautiful place with low woody hills (only in Manitoba would you call them mountains) surrounding a clear lake.  One Saturday afternoon the campers had all left, and we had 24 hours before the next set arrived.  Freedom!  A few of us went to the lake.  It was a hot summer day, and I was floating in the water, surrounded by green hills, and good friends, with a sky so blue, feeling the deliciously cool lake.  And suddenly it all just clicked somehow.  I was filled to the brim with beauty, with joy, with connection; I felt the bliss of being.  I just smiled and smiled…there were no words there to say thank you to God, deep down I felt I was sensing God.  And the moment ebbed away, and it was just a nice day on the lake again.

How would you describe a moment like that?  Many people call these sorts of moments spiritual experiences.  But spiritual experiences can take many forms.  How do they fit into our everyday life with God?  That’s what I’ll be talking about in my sermon this Sunday.  I hope to see you there!

This week’s prayer:  Lord, thank you for moments of connection, we all want more of them!  Teach us the meaning of these moments, and how to savour them.

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