Who is for supper?

I’m continuing my series on “All Creatures of our God” by looking at the topic of eating animals.  We talk a lot about what we eat, we are very conscious of that.  But we rarely spend any time talking about who we eat.  Animals aren’t inanimate objects like a potato plant, they are living, breathing creatures; creatures you could, if you chose to, have a relationship with.

In our society today, the vast majority of people don’t give a thought to the animal whose flesh is on the table.  Why would we?  For most of us, meat comes in styrofoam trays wrapped in plastic and we buy it at the superstore.  But perhaps this dissociation from the source of our food leads to callousness, or at least to unthankfulness, about the creatures that sustain us .

In my sermon this week I’m going to be talking about this great divide between the farmyard and our table; and how different Christians negotiate that space.  What does the Bible have to say about eating animals?  Why would a Christian choose to be a vegetarian?  And what is the connection between this week’s topic, and last week’s topic?  How does being a community that is concerned about cruelty to animals connect to the food that we put on our tables?

It’s a big topic and there’s a lot at steak…pray for me as I write my sermon!

This week’s prayer:  Thank you God for food!  Give us wisdom as we think about our food and our relationship to all your creatures.

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