Christmas and the darkest day

Christmas is around the corner and this Wednesday is the darkest day of the year.  Or rather I should say the shortest day; on the winter solstice in Niagara our day is…8 hours, 58 minutes and 30 seconds, to be precise.  That seems like a long day compared to Arviat, Nunavut, where Alan and Clare’s daughter Karen is teaching school…they only have 5 hours, 29 minutes and 14 seconds of day on the solstice.  You too can quote interesting statistics like this, you only have to have access to the website

Somehow Christmas and the darkest day seem very connected: the season of darkness, when night is so long, is the same time as the season of light (a phrase often used to describe  Christmas).  It seems right to be contemplating how the light of the world, Jesus Christ, came to us at a time of year when we are looking into a lot of darkness.  But of course the southern hemisphere is  celebrating the summer solstice this week, and they connect Christmas with long days!

This week in our worship service we are continuing our theme of light, by thinking of light in the world, and around the world; and our place in that undertaking.  Lighten up!

This weeks’ prayer: Help us to long for light, to see light, and to be light to all we meet.

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