The season of lights!

Growing up, we were not a family that ever put up outdoor Christmas lights.  We were not unusual; very few of my Mennonite friends had outdoor Christmas lights.  We all came from homes where that was seen as a waste of money.  Why pay to light up the outside?

But I have always loved to look at Christmas lights.  One of our neighbours on Rittenhouse Rd. was  the kind of person that goes hog-wild with Christmas lights.  They had lit up statues of the Holy Family, Bambi, Frosty the Snowman and penguins all over the front lawn, in addition to thousands of lights from ground to roof-top antenna, all pulsing in time to music from loudspeakers.  I was sad when that family moved away.   But this year we have new neighbours next door…  Last week they put up one string of lights on the eaves and two light structures; a-blue-dolphin-wearing-a-santa-hat, and a little white seal.  This week they’ve added a giant blow up snowman and a Christmas tree, lighted candycanes along the path and another big string of lights on the house.  This could be interesting! It’s dark in Canada in winter, and we appreciate lights!

This Sunday in church we are continuing our theme of light; this time I’m going to be talking about the “home lights”.  Can we trust God to bring light into our homes?  Are we hopeful people when it comes to relationships?  Yesterday several of us were at the memorial service for Ada Thiessen, Ron & Nancy’s mother.  We heard how she was a light in the lives of her loved ones.    Sometimes it is in the darkest times that we realize how much we love the light.

This week’s prayer:  God of light; shine in our hearts  and in the hearts of those we love this Advent season!

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