Bless you!  About the only time most people use the word “bless” is when someone sneezes.  Blessing is one of those “religious” words that we tend to only use in church.  It’s a word with a long history.

In the New Testament the English word blessing is used for the Greek verb eulogeo which means to speak well of someone, to speak good words about them (from eu; good, and logeo to speak).  At funerals someone speaks a eulogy, which are good words spoken about the deceased.  When the Bible was translated into Latin, the Latin verb became was benedicere (from bene;good, and dicere to speak).  At the end of every worship service I speak a benediction.

Blessing, eulogy, benediction; all religious words.  But they mean one thing, to speak well of someone.  In our service this Sunday we are going to be dedicating Todd and Julie Dow’s baby Riley.  A dedication service is about blessing the baby, and about dedicating ourselves to blessing, to speaking good words to Riley.  His parents and our church want to be a source of blessing; God wants to bless Riley through us.

God’s word of blessing is powerful and effective.  Remember the scripture, “The Word became flesh, and dwelt among us”?

The act of blessing takes me back to a few weeks ago when we baptized Anneke and Johnny.  After the water was poured over them, I reached out my hand to help them up and I said, “I extend to you the right hand of fellowship.  May God bless you and make you a blessing.”   That’s my prayer for each of you today.  I hope to see you on Sunday!

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