Making humble pie

I’ve been eating a lot of pie lately…pumpkin pie, apple crumble pie.  I love pie!  But I’m not so sure about humble pie, that’s not my favourite type of pie!

Eating humble pie is an old expression.  When you admit you have been wrong, sometimes people have described that as “eating your words”.  Historically there have been phrases like “eating crow” (a distinctly unpleasant experience, apparently) which were used to mean the same thing as “eating your words”.

In Britain, the word “umble” referred to the inner organs of an animal.  People who could not afford better cuts of meat would eat “umble pie”.  Since “umble” rhymes with “humble”, it wasn’t a big leap for people in Britain to use the expression that eating your words, or being willing to admit your mistakes,  was like eating “humble pie”.

Being humble is something scripture is very clear about…humility is a good thing.  This week in church we’re going to be talking about whether our community is good at being humble.  What do you think?

This week’s prayer:   Jesus, help us understand what it means to meek and lowly of heart.

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